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I have to regularly arrange for samples to be shipped to customers, other locations, etc. Sometimes it's urgent and time-critical, sometimes not. Everything must go through our warehouse, and... I've got samples that have been sitting there for a month. Literally, an entire month. Several of these are super-critical samples that were needed in Singapore three weeks ago to start up a new lab there.

That is basically the highest priority project in the company at the moment, under intense scrutiny because the schedule keeps slipping. So you'd think people would want to avoid drawing the ire of the VPs by delaying it further... but, apparently not. After nagging for a month (a month!), turns out the warehouse folks are in Vegas for a conference now. I finally took the nuclear option of an email to the plant manager, and so far the response has been crickets chirping.

WTF is wrong with these idiots? They know damn well this will blow up in their faces, and they'll have absolutely no defense since we now document every step of the sample shipment process because they're so crap at their jobs. ugh.

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