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My daughter just reminded me of my favorite line of the movie:

"I swear to god, until this second I thought you were a Build-A-Bear."

Originally Posted by Miller View Post
Gamora isn't dusted, she just ran off after the battle was over, because she was picked up out of the time line before she met Quill or any of the other Guardians, and so has no emotional connection to any of them (except Nebula, and the relationship between the two of them is even more weird than usual right now). They just went to a lot of trouble to bring back one of the core cast members from one of their biggest sub-franchises. If they were just going to kill her again, they'd at least have put some emotional weight behind it, not just have it be something that flashes on Quill's monitor for two seconds.

Pretty sure a major part of GotG 3 is finding Gamora and convincing her to rejoin the crew.
Yeah, that struck me as pretty obvious foreshadowing as to what's going to happen in GotG 3. After they figure out who is really captain of the Benatar.

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