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Originally Posted by cmkeller View Post

He's not a killer at heart. As soon as he saw, first-hand, the effects of the munitions manufactured by his company, he stopped manufacturing them. Everything he experienced during the Battle of New York - including having to kill a ton of Chitauri - gave him PTSD. Everything he did since then - Ultron, the Sokovia Accords - was for the sake of taking the killing out of his hands, or at least the decision that killing is necessary out of his hands. He does not have the heart to end lives.
I don't agree with that at all. He did kill more Ten Rings members even after he stopped making munitions. He killed Obadiah Stane. The PTSD from New York was about nearly losing his own life, not killing Chitauri. He signed the Accords because he wants the decisions taken out of his own hands - because of him, tens of thousands of innocents were killed in Sokovia. He killed multiple Extremis subjects in IM3, including Brandt, Savin & Killian. He killed Ebony Maw right at the beginning of Infinity War, and the only reason he didn't kill anyone else is that the only one who showed up on Titan was Thanos. He really, really, really does have the heart to end lives.