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Originally Posted by muldoonthief View Post
You can say that all you want, but it's just not supported by the evidence.

Here's Tony killing Savin and making a quip about it.

Here's Tony attempting to kill Killian, though Pepper had to finish him off afterwards.

Here's Tony killing Ebony Maw. with another quip.

So claiming that Tony won't kill Thanos, Ebony Maw & the rest of the Black Order, and thousands of mindless vicious outriders, who are all intent on killing ALL OF HUMANITY, because "it troubles him greatly" is preposterous.
I don’t think Tony has a problem with killing bad guys, but he is very much bothered by innocent people dying.

1) Once he finds out his weapons are being sold to terrorists, he gets out of weapons manufacture immediately. This despite the harm it causes to his company.
2) In age of Ultron, he sends the Iron Legion to protect civilians.
3) Surely part of his motivation to create Ultron at all is to reconcile his powerful desire to protect people with his equally powerful desire to avoid responsibility. And when Ultron proves to be a threat, Tony takes responsibility and acts.
4) In Civil War, he agrees to the Sokovia accords basically because one innocent life was lost. Steve Rogers is more comfortable with the idea of collateral damage than Tony is.

But Thanos’ army? Dusted, no problem. And I can easily see him including a “No Hurting Innocents” proviso in the snap.

As for the movie, loved it. I recognized the A Force scene for what is was, but wasn’t bothered by it. I think the movie could have been improved by cutting out five minutes or so, and the older I get the more I wish they would bring back intermissions. I also would have liked them have done more with Thanos’ resurrected minions (like Tony killing Ebony Maw again), but that’s just minor quibbling. I”m definitely going to see it again.