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Originally posted by wolfman
Therefore I propose that naturally-occuring buttered cats existed before the big-bang.
Wolfman, it would appear that I can substantiate this theory, as all my cats will flip through other dimensions instantaneously whenever anything in my house goes bang. I have also seen my cats levitate up to two meters from a position of relative rest, but this is a difficult experiment to repeat in the field. Cats also appear to be more at ease in the dark, further support of your proposition. Finally, you cannot take a photograph of a sleeping cat, because they know when a flash will occur before it takes place, which adds the intriguing notions of either causality or time travel, yet again!

Also, we have not taken into account the energy states of cats exposed to photons for extended periods of time, which radically affects their inertia. Whenever my cats are in the window on sunny days, they tend to curl more (a correlation with the nine-dimensional principle) and they appear to gain mass (absorbing light like a black hole?!?!)

I have recently tried to perform a reciprocal state trial in which the bottom of the cat was buttered, in order to establish a firmer orientation "downward" but my results were inconclusive. And my wife made me mop the whole kitchen.
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