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many, many, multi-planar cats

Originally posted by jonpluc
ok...a variation on the cat theme. ... Im very disturbed dont mind me ill be in the corner playing with centapedes

Actually, me boyo, no you won't. Because the cats will beam in first and EAT the centipedes!!

Originally posted by CalMeacham
I think you folks are making it all too complicated. Strapping two cats back to back? Heck, I've bathed our cats, and I think that's too much work. To make toast float all you have to do it not butter it on either side.
A much more interesting experiment is to butter toast on both sides. I'm going to try this one at home tonight. I'm convinced the toast will spontaneously fission when dropped, allowing both buttered sides to land downwards. No radioactive byproducts should be emitted, therefore giving us clean fission!
This does not take into account the age of the toast. To float toast properly it must be cooled - haven't you noticed that toast does not go orbital coming out of the toaster? I think this supports my earlier thesis about cats absorbing photons - cats and toast have reciprocal characteristics. But I digress... by cooling the toast, you may also be providing cold fusion - to heck with clean fission - and anyway, you know how dangerous it is to go fission with cats??? You wind up with all kinds of heavy water!!! Neutrinos up your nose! GKW factor permeating the woodwork!! Mass Steria! Friends, the idle brain is the devil's playground! Trouble right here in river city... but I digress.
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