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Re: out of body, out of mind

Originally posted by mmtutti
Originally posted by yastobaal
And if the cat lands on it's feet with a refrigerator on its back? Then you have the problem of cleaning up the cat even if it has 9 lives
If the refridgerator only exists in three spatial dimensions, will all of the cat's lives be snuffed, or just three of them? Will the cat escape the whole thing via the other dimensions? Has this ever been put to test (yet)?
Well, well, well
The space-time curvature question can best be addressed by substituting a modern Coke or Pepsi machine with the curved front. You MUST tape the cat to the front surface however.

On the other hand, I think that by getting a loaf of bread the size of a refrigerator and selecting a slice from the center (make all measurements metrically, the math is much easier) will eliminate all questions. Questions of relative mass are mere celestial mechanics; you people all got PC's dontcha? DO THE MATH.
I went to my celestial mechanic and now my wallet has a black hole! :wally:

Hey - Why isn't Opalcat in this thread??
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