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Guinastasia has the right idea. Remember also that, depending on the place, the grease/fryers are likely used for other foods as well. I do not know of many places that keep seperate fryers:, i.e. one for chicken wings, one for onion rings, one for french fries, one for battered mushrooms, etc. [Though our neighborhood deli kept a seperate fryer strictly for frying fish.] The spices and oils from one food remain in the grease and can end up in your food. (I have a severe allergy to onions. I can tell when somethings been fried in the same grease as onions.)

One other idea: you may want to check into the possibility of a gall bladder problem. I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but I remember my mother, aunt and grandmother would each have the same problems as you describe shortly after eating greasy and/or spicy foods. Turned out they all had (and likely I will also have) gall bladder problems severe enough to necessitate removal of the gall bladder. You may want to get that checked out, if not only for your health, but to remove so to speak that possibility.

Trust me, I know what you're going through. ::sigh:: I've had to give up KFC Extra Crispy and now only go into Long John Silvers' for a soda and the Holiday plates for my collection.