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Originally Posted by overlyverbose View Post
Wow, you guys had candy left over to X-ray? My sister, friends and I gorged so much we were ready to hurl by the time we got home. Usually the only things left were the hard candy and laffy taffy (I hated that stuff).

Still, I do remember watching the news with my mom about having candy X-rayed - she just told me not to eat anything that wasn't pre-packaged or that looked like it had something pointy in it. Simple enough.
I'm a product of the 90's, and I don't know anyone who wasn't under strict parental orders not to eat anything before we got home.

Stuff like popcorn balls were okay if they came from people we knew. When I was really young, everything got a brief inspection to make sure it wasn't moldy or full of needles or anything, but once I was old enough to go out with friends and not my parents (late elementary school, probably), I was trusted to not shove suspicious-looking candy from strangers down my throat.

I have never even heard of x-raying a kid's Halloween loot.