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Originally Posted by Robot Arm View Post
I wonder how these 32 souls and spirits knew they were buried in the same place. It seems like it must have been a coincidence. I picture a couple of them hanging out in a bar and chatting...

"So. where ya buried?"
"Some guy's backyard in Texas."
"No shit! Me too. Which county?"
Originally Posted by wolfman View Post
That would be a tough one. When someone gives a tip, based on crap. Can you really afford to do nothing? Maybe she is just trying to protect an old poker buddy who got drunk and said where they were. Or maybe she overheard it on a bus and delusions made her think it was spirits. I think they do have to "act" on it to some extent.

However, "A ghost told you? Well boys bring out the backhoes!" is not an appropriate "action".
I could see running a cadaver dog, and an overflight with a helicopter [to check for disturbed area indicating something might be buried there] and possibly requesting permission to search the house.

As to finding blood on the porch - I would hate to luminol our back deck - we had a pair of feral dogs get into a fight and rip a chicken in half. [one of our chickens was a houdini and would frequently escape the coop and end up on the porch scrounging cat kibble, a pair of feral dogs chased her up onto the porch, both grabbed at her and were playing keep away when I shot them] so even despite really scrubbing the heck out of the deck and back wall, there has got to be wicked blood spatter evidence there. In our bathroom and kitchen it would look like an abatoire, as both mrAru and I have bleed thanks to random injuries being dealt with. And the back of my old IH scout has blood spatter from hauling an injured ewe to the large animal vet in town.

You *can't* take blood spatter to indicate humans or foul play all the time - there are lots of legitimate reasons for bloodspatter that do not involve murder or mayhem.