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Originally Posted by Simplicio View Post
Yea, that bothers me to. She told them upfront that she was acting on "visions". Putting aside whether the police acted appropriately to that information, I don't think its fair to find her liable for what happened. She doesn't seem to be a con-artist (there isn't really any way she could've profited out of this) or a lonely attention seeker (she tried to stay anonymous). It seems plausible she really thought she had visions and was trying to help. So far as I can tell, she didn't lie about the level of evidence she had.

You're kidding, right? Assume that somehow she's right and there was a mass grave. Think of the celebrity she'd get. Hell, she could get a book deal irregardless.

I have to hope that I'd have washed off the blood on my porch before 2 weeks were up, though.

Also, why don't they use real corpses to train the dogs? I'd donate my body when I go. Be a good cause.

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