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You can't really update a program while it's still running, so what they have to do is launch a separate updater program, close the main program, update the main program, and then relaunch the main program. And if the updater needs an update, well, the main program (or a third updater) does a similar process. None of that is very hard, though.
You can really update a program while it's running. It's generally not done to update monolithic executable images because it's not necessary and it requires carefully planned and controlled structure to do it. It is done frequently to update software that has discreet loosely coupled sub-components. It is also done very easily in systems that interpret an intermediate code as long as you don't update the interpreter. Even then you could have a transparent transfer of the interpreter control to a new version that doesn't overwrite the original. Aside from updating intermediate code these techniques are rarely used because the results aren't worth the extra complexity.

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