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My house was much like you described, all rooms had to be stripped. I bought good large sponges and a spray bottle and I used plaster knives, at least 5, for actual stripping. The method was: start early, have a barrel and garbage bag ready. Peel off what you can by hand, trash it, wet down what you can't with light soapy water. Go have breakfast. Come back, wet it all down again. Go check email. Answer emails. Come back, wet it all down again. Find something else to do for a half hour. Wet it down again, now start stripping. If it's not half-falling off the walls, wet it again until it is. If you are afraid to gouge the wall you're using too much pressure. I'd be gently picking at seams and pulling the paper off in 4' strips, and letting them fall directly into the barrel.

The walls weren't damaged and showed no adverse effects. We cleaned and painted them afterwards.