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I went through 6 layers of paper (top one: huge, dark green, w/18" dusty/filthy roses).

It ain't fun but can be entertaining (but only for the seriously disturbed).

Score, soak (vinegar?) for a few weeks. Remember - that crap has been up for decades - another couple of weeks will not seriously degrade the karma level of the universe.

And steam - forget the cute little machines. I got one at Goodwill to see if it will clean some old spray crap on patio door. I can't believe anyone thought this 3# or plastic with a whole gallon capacity could do wall coverings.

The rental machine I used weight 40#, used lots of propane and still was a slow slog.
There should be units which can hook to a faucet and/or hose bib and produce continuous steam. Find one.

Why I posted: the first house I remember had old paper we removed. Under the bottom layer, we found the signature and date of the paper hanger.
Whoever removes the (ugly in THEIR eyes only) paper will find my name and a 1984 date.

After stripping paper, paint would be a huge letdown - a couple of sawhorses, a cheap slab door, roller and brush and hang your own.