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I'm rather pleasantly surprised with the progress Trump has made on the North Korean front. This appears, at least to me, to be the most significant progress towards denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula that has made in the last couple of decades. Am I missing something here, or is this good news?
Just last month, Trump's carefully selected national security advisor John Bolton stated that North Korea can never be trusted, is on the verge of successfully miniaturizing its nuclear warheads while simultaneously working out the final issues with its proto-ICBMs, and is using the prospect of direct talks with the South Korea president and Trump as smoke-and-mirror stalling tactics to give the regime more time to finish its weapons development.

Back in September 2017, Bolton said:

Originally Posted by John Bolton
Anybody who thinks more diplomacy with North Korea, more sanctions, whether against North Korea, or an effort to apply sanctions against China, is just giving North Korea more time to increase its nuclear arsenal... and put us, South Korea, and Japan in more jeopardy.

We have fooled around with North Korea for 25 years, and fooling around some more is just going to make matters worse.
The North Korean regime craves international respect and acceptance. Trump is giving up a major carrot by agreeing to meet with Kim with no preconditions and the steady drip of stories about NK agreeing to take their demand that American troops leave South Korea in any kind of deal and now this is setting NK up to appear "reasonable" and "peace-interested" when talks inevitably fail. Trump is too ignorant and self-obsessed to be much of a good negotiator and since the primary and only real goal of NK is regime preservation, giving up nukes is never realistic since it not only leaves them vulnerable militarily but removes the domestic justification for NK's repressiveness, poverty, and the need for juche as compared to South Korea.