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Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
I'm rather pleasantly surprised with the progress Trump has made on the North Korean front. This appears, at least to me, to be the most significant progress towards denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula that has made in the last couple of decades. Am I missing something here, or is this good news?
Going back to this post, I'd just like to point out that it's the most significant progress toward denuclearization -- after they have actually finished the process of demonstrating substantial nuclear capabilities.

I suspect that what Kim is saying is:

"Look, the fact is, we've got missiles, and we've got nuclear weapons. I know that, and more importantly, you know that. We could make more and more if we want and you would pay one hell of a price for trying to stop us. But the truth is, we're not really interested in going that route. This being enemies of the world shit is getting kinda old. Instead, we'd rather you just stop putting sanctions on us, as they threaten my ability to govern over the long term. We want you to stop threatening our regime's future through sanctions and political isolation; you guys want us to stop building nukes and shooting missiles over Japan. So we'll cut you a deal. You end sanctions and maybe even move your military threat further away from us, and we'll end nuclear and missile testing, and we might even be somewhat normal. I'll look like a hero for normalizing my country and perhaps even possibly improving the economy and welfare of my people, and you'll actually look like a legitimate global deal maker and possibly get reelected. So whaddya say, Orange Yankee, deal or no deal?

Trump might actually be tempted to take it. I'm not sure John Bolton would, though. This is where it would get interesting because Bolton represents a significant faction within the old "deep state," which is that the United States doesn't compromise power in exchange for peace. FWIW, I think Hillary Clinton somewhat had a worldview that was not too dissimilar. She's probably more open to traditional diplomacy than the Walrus (Bolton), but that traditional diplomacy would mean North Korea making concessions first before actually holding up our end of the bargain. Kim's not interested in that. His grandfather/father tried that with Bill Clinton and he got nowhere when Republicans pulled funding for the nuclear deal in the 1990s.

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