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Originally Posted by cormac262 View Post
But what struck me was the irony:
I know I love being a contrarian, but in this case I do honestly think the documentarians had a narrative to push about
"eeeevil doctors", and the test results being kept secret some sort of gigantic conspiracy... when in fact, as I understand, separating siblings back then was pretty standard, nobody would have batted an eye about it, and the big reveal would be that the whole experiment was pretty irrelevant and uninteresting when all was said and done. I mean, middle class-ish Jewish kids growing up to be sort of similar? How surprising!

And the whole story about them being so utterly similar only to pull the rug at the end and show that they weren't that similar at all was very artificial.

Excellent documentary, don't get me wrong. But it's also telling a story, and to make that story more compelling, they pick and choose what to show and when.

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