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The impression I got: The reason for the rug pulling was that the doctor and the documentary producers wanted the experiment to show nurture is greater than nature but the doctor never published the study because it ended up indicating that nature is greater than nurture.

Agreed. Or, more precisely, that both are roughly coequal, which the nurture or "blank slate" side cannot abide (Stephen Pinker's book of that name is a must-read BTW).

I just finished the movie on Blu-ray. Here is the review I wrote on Facebook:

Ranking/grading a documentary film like this is tricky. The subject matter is undeniably fascinating. But as a piece of filmmaking, I would call it a little on the weak side given the good production values, which demonstrate that even though documentarians often struggle to have the resources to complete their vision, this obviously had a big enough budget that it could have been much better in someone else's hands.

I'm also not super keen on the editorial slant against this project as being akin to some kind of Dr. Mengele "Nazi shit", as one of the triplets says. (This rings especially false after having just seen "The Pianist", an excellent biopic about ACTUAL Nazi shit.)

The only view briefly presented that really dovetails with mine was that of the elderly woman who was part of the researching team (and had the cute moment showing off her photos with Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, Al Gore, and other Democrats and luminaries). She articulated how midcentury psychology was an exciting field, looking to answer questions of nature vs. nurture, as well as what parenting styles produced the best outcomes. I just wish we could see the data! But it will be released in 2066, so it is preserved for posterity. And as the woman I liked pointed out, it was the first of its kind and almost certainly the last of its kind, as (similar to other landmark studies like Milgram's), evolving standards for the use of human subjects in psychological research mean it will not be replicated.

Grade: C
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Also, I think it showed that nuture was a lot more important than they originally thought. David seemed the most stable of the three, and he had the most loving, nuturing, involved father.

I do want to add that as a strong proponent of attachment parenting, I definitely agree that this is a very important factor in the other 50% that the blank slate crowd wants to see as nearly 100%. Authoritarian parenting is not good, yo!

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