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Originally Posted by The New and Improved Superman View Post
Preposterous! They can't be the same people. Anybody with eyes can see that the Scarecrow, Tin Man & Cowardly Lion are in full technicolor, while the mere farmhands are in black & white!

Anyway, one little detail that I'd never noticed before about 'Oz' (until about the umpteen-millionth time I saw it) was the scene in which Dorothy & crew are entering the black woods on their way to kill the Wicked Witch. The Scarecrow is carrying a large mallet, and the Tin Man has a revolver(!) b ut missing his axe. Both weapons mysteriously vanish before the flying monkeys attack. (I couldn't find an appropriate clip on youtube - but if you have the DVD, you can check it out for yourself.)

Also, there is the legendary (and false) UL about the munchkin who hanged himself. (Long story short: It was actually a large bird.) I had seen the 'incriminating' shadow before, and knew the story. But it wasn't until I read Snopes' article debunking the myth that I ever noticed the birds wandering around in the background. And they're all over that set!
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Can a Munchkin be seen committing suicide in The Wizard of Oz?