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There's been a few times I've had ideas for Pit Threads, come in here to start them, seen that 75% of the threads are political, realised that no-one is going to read my thread (and those that do will just cause a pile-on), so I haven't bothered. I'm sure others feel the same way.

Politics is BORING to most people. That's just how it is. We (as a board) are the weird ones with a corps of politically active and interested posters. The remaining 98% of the posters here really, really don't give a shit about politics.

But seeing as this is the Pit, I'm going to say something controversial:

I think the people who are objecting to a separate politics forum are doing so because they know that if it happens, they'll be the only ones in there and then they can't force their (ITHO) brilliant and insightful punditry or outrage on everyone else.

Sure, you can say "Don't read politics threads if you don't like them" (which is why I don't read political threads), but that effectively amounts to "Don't come into the Pit if you don't like politics". It's bad enough GD is politics-exclusive for the most part, we don't need The Pit that way as well.

That's two freaking forums devoted almost exclusively to Politics. Surely it's patently obvious they deserve their own forum?