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Originally Posted by Fear Itself View Post
I disagree with several of your picks on political content, but the point is, so what if half are politics? Why is half too much?
That. Plus, a discussion about pot is political only tangentially, since it involves legislation to resolve. So, but still it's like you say. So what. People are posting what they want to post. And if those posts weren't there, there would just be zombie threads on page one. People are posting some good rants. I think what Fenris et al would like is for more people to post good rants about something besides politics. But Fen, you're sort of approaching trying to make it into some kind of rule or something. And if that happens, then Pit posting will drop off considerably. I mean, it's not like a hundred people are just waiting on their chance to post. They're just not posting right now. And I don't buy into the "it's because they think they won't get responses" argument. There are always lots of responses to good Pit rants. You would respond, for one. (After all, having the OPs post is no good if you're not going to respond.) I'll probably respond. And you know that elucidator and Bryan Ekers will be there. And EddyTeddyFreddy. And who knows. Maybe even lekatt or Giraffe.

ETA: I show 50 threads to a page, I think. Maybe Fen just needs to adjust his CP setting.

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