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Originally Posted by Liberal View Post
Even giving you the dubious statistic of 50% a list that I compiled and posted in ATMB showed less than that in the Pit wouldn't you have to have two forums? One for debate and one for ranting? We obviously can't rant in debate threads, and since politics directly affects the vast majority of us, it is only natural that there will be the need to rant. As evidence, I submit the posts that you see. They didn't appear there by magic, you know. People felt the need to either debate in GD or rant in the Pit. So they did.
Nope. One forum, compromise between Pit rules and GD, and all political stuff stays in there. I'll even volunteer to Mod it.

I don't go around starting lots of gun threads on the boards here because there are other forums I can go to for that, where the topic won't be sidetracked by "Guns are bad!" or "Guns are only for killing people!" or other ignorance, and honestly, I think a little restraint from the Pundits in regard to the Insignificant Political Outrage Du Jour is called for as well.

I know you say "Politics affects us all", but really, in Western Democracies, it doesn't. It really doesn't matter who's Prime Minister/President/Premier/Whatever. As long as the power is on, the water is running, and there's food on the table, my experience of politics has been "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss" WRT to politicians.

With respect Liberal, your username does rather suggest a bias towards being interested in (and possibly active with?) politics. I know it's hard to conceive that other people might not be passionate about the same things as you (generic you), but here's a question:

Why do all the political pundits here care so much about it? What difference can you possibly hope to make?

Since the answer to the last question is likely to be "None", then I'd suggest that all Political threads in The Pit be classified as Recreational Outrage. And since the current consensus appears to be away from "Recreational Outrage" in the Pit, that would be a pretty compelling argument towards putting all the Political stuff in a single forum, wouldn't it?

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