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Originally Posted by Washoe View Post
Oh crap—you had completely forgotten about my debt. It was dark chocolate, specifically. You demanded payment for reviewing my class assignment a little over a year ago, and I pointed out that chocolate was (and to the best of my knowledge still is) the standard unit of currency on the SDMB, per TubaDiva’s dictum.

If you’d like, I will personally go over to Facebook and beat up some people for you instead.
I HAD completely forgotten about the debt! You're so honest to remind me.

Beating people upon Facebook...hmm...

Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
One other thing that will help this fine book move up slightly in the rankings is for us SDMBers to all put it on our "wish list", even if we already have a copy or can't afford to buy one.

"Helpful" votes to the good reviews will also help a little- assuming that you, indeed, do find the review helpful, of course.

Wealthier SDMBers might ask local libraries if they'd accept copies for circulation, and buy some.
Thank you for these suggestions.

Originally Posted by LavenderBlue View Post
I will be at the Roseland NJ public library tomorrow night at 7 p.m. to speak about the book.

Please come and meet me if you can.

You'll be amazing.

Originally Posted by EmilyG View Post
I'm still thinking of requesting this book for my local library. I'll try to do it when I get the chance.
Thanks for your support!