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Originally Posted by Drunky Smurf View Post

The first link shows you not letting a UPS truck merge for no reason and almsot causing an accident and the second link shows you slamming hard on your brakes for no reason and causing an accident behind you that ended up hitting your car.
The first one the UPS truck tries to make a change from the 3rd lane to the 1st all at one time a very short distance before the turn. I wouldn't have been watching that nor expecting it. It clearly drove him into the curb. The UPS driver was in the wrong as he had no right to merge into a lane with traffic without any warning. He didn't let him not merge for no reason, he got cut off.

The second you can't see what was happening in front of him... why do you assume he hit his brakes for no reason. If the car in front of him slammed on the brakes wouldn't you expect him to do the same? Apparently he successfully stopped without hitting the car in front of him, but the car two behind didn't.