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I'm sure soon the usual suspects will be along to explain why it's legal and reasonable for a cop to steal someone's money and pepper spray his wife for the offense of asking for a badge number. (They won't say it's because the "perps" were black, but that's a big part of it.)

As for why the cop was so tubby - and in the other thread where there's a link to two fat cops beating up a kid - actually, there's a reason for that; it's very hard to fire unionized employees for any reason short of criminal activity. Police forces TRY to have fitness standards but enforcing them is very, very difficult. If a person is fit enough to join the force but later on puts on eighty pounds of donut weight you can't just fire them; there are 25 different legal and contractual barriers the cop (or other employee in any unionized government job) can throw in front of you.

Police forces would absolutely love to only have fit cops, but practically speaking it's very hard to do.

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