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Originally Posted by YogSosoth View Post
Usually the disdained targets already have massive issues with reliability and credibility. When someone's been caught lying, or cheating, or said some easily refuted lies, they have less credibility when they make their next outrageous claim. The Duggars and the FRC are a bunch of fundamentalist shitheads with non-science views and a love of bigotry. That's the starting point. So when they do something shitty like this, they don't get the same benefit of the doubt that someone honest like Obama gets. They are held to a different standard because they are different.
That's a legitimate reason to doubt their credibility, of course. But it certainly doesn't justify a baseless claim. The Duggars could be the mayor of Liartown; that doesn't license a commentator to make inaccurate claims about them.

I don't think so. You don't generally speak up when its about liberals. You either don't participate when they are getting trashed or you only participate when its conservatives. I'm not going to comb through any posts, too lazy, but I will ask that if its not true, you go into the Stupid Liberal Idea of the Day and defend the next 3 dumb liberal ideas with your usual panache of nitpicking and legal semantics
That's not accurate. I step into threads, and start threads, when inaccurate accusations are leveled against liberals. It's true that I do this rarely, but on the SDMB, it happens comparatively rarely that liberals are the victims of baseless attacks.

I don't follow the thread you mention, but even if I did, your proposed demonstration misses the boat. I'd certainly speak up if I disagreed with the attack, but why would I adopt a position I didn't agree with in order to defend a liberal idea?
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