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It's lack of critical thinking skills. He sees some inflammatory headline, doesn't really comprehend what he's reading, makes the most ass backwards assumptions and then posts it. I know he wasn't the one who started the thread about the black actress who'd been filmed walking down the street being cat called and summarily called her a pejorative in the title (like calling her a prostitute when that couldn't be further from the truth), ignoring all the evidence to the contrary, but that's exactly what he's like.

Then when it's pointed out that he's a million miles off base from his supposition, he doubled down on the stupid. Refusing to really address the meat of the matter, like shown above, and instead focusing on whatever the voices in his head are telling him that doesn't reflect reality one iota. And after he's completely shit up a thread with his mixture of bigoted inanity, disappears and just starts another one with the same MO. It's ridiculous.