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His comments in that thread revealed he knew nothing about the subject yet kept writing about it. Worse, chiding those of who had our facts correct. It was bizarre.

There are no excuses for the fucking Duggars. For years they have held themselves up as America's perfect family. They have unashamedly told us that they are good and we, unchristian, ungodly, unfertile and un-Duggar are bad. We are secular America, gay America, non-bible reading America and they are going to take over whether we like it or not.

Meanwhile they did nothing after their eldest son molested several of their daughters. When finally caught, they've offered us no apologies. Their son's actions are presented as a minor transgression one that is supposed to be barely worthy of notice. We are told that he got no real counseling at all, not even the fundy variety. We have every reason to believe that his sisters weren't given any help at all other than perhaps a lecture about how it is probably all their fault. They told us everything and I do mean everything (Michelle Duggar has practically conceived and given birth in public multiple times over the last few years) but they did not tell us this.

They've been all over the media in the last few years. I can barely read Facebook or pay for my groceries without seeing yet another mention of a Duggar j'slave somewhere. My twelve year old daughter knows who they are, for crissakes. I hope this is finally the nail in the coffin of the Duggar gravy train. I hope I never see Josh Duggar's ugly mug grinning out at me somewhere while he lobbies to tell me how to live my life. I hope Michelle Duggar finally pays attention to her remaining children and promises to keep them far away from Chester the Molester. Most of all, I hope no media ever decides to present to us a family of nineteen kids with stupid, sexist beliefs as role models for us all.