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Originally Posted by Bullitt View Post
The 2nd Amendment is applied per person as they can afford it. Buy an inexpensive, used handgun. If you can't afford that, then defend yourself with a baseball bat and knife.

Each person buys the car s/he can afford, or else they ride the bus. Or they buy a bicycle, or a good pair of walking shoes.

This is how life works.
"If you cannot afford an attorney one will be appointed by the court." I know we need food stamp restrictions (no albacore tuna, milk only in gallon containers, et cetera et cetera) but perhaps handguns should be added to the list of acceptable food stamp purchases.

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(And just for the record: I am NOT one of you crazed single-issue gun-nut cowards. Most of my posts in this thread are intended as sarcastic. I say this because you gun nuts are so divorced from rational thought, you probably think my worst sarcasm is sincere agreement.)