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I also enjoy the ThemlaLou political threads.

I am starting to look forward to a Trump presidency. I don't support him, and I think he is incompetent, but I realize some things are going to go really bad and I'm eager to find out how they go bad.

My fear is that after a year or so and Trump has not only not made anything better, but made things worse, his narcissism refuses to let him accept responsibility. So he looks for a scapegoat and his voters are eager to blame someone/anyone else for why Trump can't make america great again.

Not to sound melodramatic (it won't be that bad here obviously) but in China after Mao totally fucked everything up in the 60s, and he was put out to pasture he got enraged and started the cultural revolution. I could see Trump and his followers trying something similar. Going on an angry rampage against academics, intellectuals, the media, liberals, minorities, republicans who do not fall in line, etc. because they will blame them for blocking progress on 'making america great again'. When I say an angry rampage I'm sure there will be violence here and there but nothing that'll shatter the fabric of society. Probably random shootings by right wing extremists combined with some government surveillance and oppression.

I guess that is a major fear I have of a Trump presidency. He will encourage both legal repression and extra judicial violence against scapegoats when he is forced to confront that there are no easy answers to our problems.

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