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Despite their protestations that it's not going to be an MMO-like, your further quote,
Interestingly, the source stated that Bethesda will not allow fan-made modifications to Fallout 76 that donít go through the companyís Creation Club, effectively killing off the likes of Nexus Mods.
, doesn't make sense IMHO, unless they plan on it being some sort of multi-player.

I am not a fan of unmodded Bethesda games (or Obsidian's crack at the FO universe either). FO3 got a whole lot better, IMHO, when it was a part of Tale of Two Wastelands, with Project Nevada running in that. Nexus mods really broadened the appeal of what were pretty buggy games.

I can't really argue with their marketing people though; MMOs, microtransactions, and the settlement stuff in FO4 have all proven to be obscenely popular and profitable.