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The speculation seems to be that it will be a multi-player survival game like Ark or Conan. There is some speculation that there won't be mods...if so then it probably kills it for me, since that implies corporate servers and more of an MMO orientation instead of allowing users to spin up their own servers to host the game in a more restricted manner. It supposedly uses the Fallout 4 engine and settlement system which I'm pretty neutral about. I heard there will be questing and a story driven game, but it's all pure speculation.

The real key will be if it's limited multi-player and can be modded and if they have made the standards survival game (which was popular more a few years ago than now) interesting and fresh set in the Fallout world. I do plan to catch Bethesda's presentation on Sunday, where they will be giving more details about this and other games they have planned (supposedly they will be announcing 2 big games under production and in theory being released this year).

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