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A lot of people will pick due to the vice president. A lot of Trump's support in the Evangelical sector was due to Pence, who could fill in the gaps religious gaps.

The safe choices adaher gives are all centrists, I believe. That gives the progressives no one to support. And we know better this time than to think they'll all just hold their nose and vote for the closest to their goals. Bringing on a progressive VP is more useful for any centrist candidate. Similarly, any establishment candidate should bring in an "outsider" type.

It also would be good for Biden to bring in a woman, due to that being a weak area for him.

Part of what lost last time was choosing the "safe bet," with Tim Kaine, who no one cared about. Pulling in a fiery progressive would have very much helped Clinton among the Democratic base and undermined a lot of attacks from the progressive side.

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