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Originally Posted by Left Hand of Dorkness View Post
Indeed. The implication, "I'm right there with you objecting to harmful gender stereotypes, BUT NOT UNTIL YOU COME UP WITH A BETTER TERM," is less than persuasive. If you want to fight shitty social structures, you'll put up with terminology that's not 100% to your liking. If you're quibbling over the terminology, it's almost always because you're not especially interested in doing anything about those social structures.
Terminology that validates the constructs it objects to is not worth putting up with.

THE BETTER TERM is the inclusive "sexist stereotypes" which tell us, from early ages that this or that is what is masculine or feminine (to be potentially too much or not enough of) and that result in features of society that perpetuate them.

A man is not less masculine because he is a nurse and knits and cries at romcoms or hypermasculine because he is an ass who lifts weights and brags about sexual "conquests". The problem is not that the latter is toxically male; the problem is the widely held stereotype of what male means that the phrases "toxic" and "hyper" accept, with their implication that they are just too big of a dose of it. And that the latter is an ass.