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It seems there is an obvious solution to the "forgot it at home" issue. Just have cheap, reusable bags available that you have to purchase. You'll feel bad for having to purchase it, so you'll be more likely to remember, but you won't have to go without if you forgot.

However, I do think it would be harder if you lived in those cities where you walk all the time instead of drive. It's easy to leave the bags in your car. (We already do that with the bags designed to keep things cold.) But to always have them on your person would be weird. Sure, you probably don't need as many if you are within walking distance, but you still probably just leave them at home.

So there would be times when you would be able to walk right over to the store on your way back home, and instead have to go home and get your bags. That kinds sucks. Though, if you live in those walkable places, you probably have more money than most of us, and thus wouldn't mind paying a bit for a new bag.

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