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Should public schools be managed and taught by the military.

Supporting military action that you are able but not willing to participate in is extremely cowardly

Specialist Teacher Smith: "It's a horror in their, Sarge! The grade 5's have seized control of the gym! The grade 6's have taken the cafeteria! And the grade 2's...! [trembles uncontrollably]

Sgt Major Principal Jones: "Get back in there Smith! You knew what you were signing up for! Call Specialist Teacher Kowalski for back-up! Re-establish the perimeter at least!"

Specialist Teacher Smith: "Kowalski's gone, Sarge."

Sgt Major Principal Jones: "Gone? How?"

Specialist Teacher Smith: "The Grade 4's, sir. Got her when her back was turned supervising recess."

Sgt Major Principal Jones: "No time to mourn! I'm going in with you! No matter how this turns out, I'm proud to have served with such a dedicated group of professionals. Now, let's go get those little weasels and enforce some DISCIPLINE!"

Specialist Teacher Smith: " Sir, yes, sir!"
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