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Originally Posted by Bone View Post
If you've learned from this thread, you've learned the wrong things. Take note that much like many of its kind, what you have in this thread are caricatures of what folks think the other side thinks. Maybe inquire with 2016 Sanders voters why they preferred him over her.

Simply attributing her disfavor with misogyny is lazy.
Not her disfavor -- but the incredible white-hot hatred that goes far beyond the typical dislike that conservatives have for liberals and Democrats. That's what I think it's reasonable to attribute to misogyny -- just like birtherism and the other nonsense that went beyond typical dislike for liberals against Obama can reasonably be attributed to racism. Not everyone who dislikes Hillary Clinton is a misogynist, but those who really, really hate her and were influenced to that hatred by Rush Limbaugh and similar, likely have been strongly influenced by misogyny.

Basically, do you agree that Rush Limbaugh (and others like him) has put out a highly misogynistic picture of Hillary Clinton over the years? If so, do you agree that he has had strong influence with millions of conservatives? If so, then that's pretty much all I'm arguing.

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