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If it was simply that folks like Shodan were agnostic about whether Zimmerman (and Martin) acted lawfully, that would be one thing. It’s that they feel the need to put the kid on trial and conclude he was worth executing in cold blood that has me convinced this case is a great litmus test for racial bias.

See post above mine. Allowances are made for Zimmerman to prowl all over the goddamn place in the dark, huffing and puffing after Martin like an armed mad man. But we’re not supposed to read malicious intent in that. Nay, we are urged to see it as his god given right to chase after whomever he wants, when he wants, and not even consider the fear this probably caused in the person he hunted.

But let Martin not rush home right away—perhaps so he could hide until Zimmerman gave up looking for him—and that alone is treated as evidence of his malicious intent. Martin isn’t given any allowance to do anything except flee, while Zimmerman is allowed to kill.

Only one person that night had a true claim to “Stand Your Ground” and it wasn’t Zimmerman.

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