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Originally Posted by LiveFree View Post
So, I know this person from the gym. We talk for a short bit every day. <snip>
I only know her by first name, but have heard her say her last name a time or two.
Originally Posted by LiveFree View Post
I'll make this more interesting.

First of all, she isn't married or have a boyfriend.
You're such 'good' friends that she hasn't told you her last name but you know she doesn't have a boyfriend? Maybe she does & doesn't talk about him, wanting to keep her personal details, you know, personal. Maybe the day you asked her was the morning after a huge fight but they've since rekindled. Maybe she's in a new relationship, or at least was the day that you asked her a couple of months ago. Maybe she & her boyfriend both have Smart cars, which physically can't accommodate a lawnmower in them. Maybe she has a boyfriend who has some physical disability, making it impossible to lift said lawnmower into her car.

Being gym buddies with someone only enough to know their first name does not mean you know all of the intimate details of their life.