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Originally Posted by LiveFree View Post
Yeah, I'm now beating myself up over this. Anxiety and all. I'm NOT going to tell her that I did it.

I would still like a mod to delete this. Mainly because of my username.
Originally Posted by LiveFree View Post
It's basically rape.
Ding, ding, ding.....we have the best reply yet!!???
I'm disturbed that you still don't get it. You seem to think this was a faux pas on the level of chewing with your mouth open-- embarrassing for you, but not threatening to her. You're mocking a caricature of women who are afraid of being stalked, raped, and murdered, when this is an entirely rational fear. And apparently you've done this kind of thing before, and had this explained to you before, and you not only still refuse to hear it but roll your eyes at us. Which is the sort of response that merits more caution by the women around you, not less.