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However, I'd say pretty much the main factor, which people forget, is that Spain was a fascist state for 50 odd years, when not a lot of immigrants and new ideas was welcome. Just when the rest of the world was widening its taste cuisines. So Spain will always be somewhat behind in that sense.
Spain had an unusual period of very little immigration to its mainland (except for refugees from European wars, from Italian unification to WWII) which lasted close to two hundred years. We had more immigration in relative terms during the Middle Ages, Renaissance or Enlightement than during the 19th or most of the 20th centuries. One of the reasons there's relatively little xenophobia is that any of us doesn't have to climb very far up the family tree before finding someone who E-migrated during that time: we (our great-uncles, our great-grandparents, and nowadays ourselves and our siblings and cousins) wanted to be welcome in strange land, so on what grounds are we unwelcoming to others?
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