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Originally Posted by DCnDC View Post
I'm curious, what exactly is terrible about it? Something like a taco is best when it's kept simple. I'd think it'd be difficult to fuck up. Are they using bad ingredients, poor seasoning, or are they doing the "more is better" thing and just piling mountains of random shit on it?
Small portions. Burrito's largely riceittos, no spices. Certainly no chilli sauce. High priced for it's small portions.

Let me say, having had a Taco Bell open in Nottingham, somewhere which seemed to largely be out in the retail shopping areas in the US, I had previously not had, I tried one. On the more tasty end of the UK Mexican servings.

For restaurants not helped by god awful tequilla, good tequilla is rare over here, but exists now (as opposed to ten years ago).