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Originally Posted by Manda JO View Post
Well, can't we teach them to be? Saying "Hey, dude, we don't use phrases like that" from the moderation staff would go a long way toward helping people find the social norms for this community. I mean, he doesn't talk that way at work, I imagine.

It's not the issue being discussed. The issue is FINE. The problem is the unnecessary, gratuitous details that objectify women. Can we, as a matter of board culture, move away from that being okay? A lot of us would really like to. What I don't understand is why some of you are holding SO TIGHTLY to the right to say "hit that ass" and "take this in" when talking about actual people.

Yes, that did objectify women. Not a very nice post.

But it's his opinion. I mean, I hate it when someone says "I like trump and support him- MAGA!", but I will defend his right to post that. I dont like it when someone says "Let's send all the illegals back where they came from!" but I will defend his right to post that.

You can't have free discussion without a right to free expression. His post was within the rules.

I dont like his opinion or the way he expressed it, but that's his right. Of course, you have to right to not read it. Or go into that thread and explain why that post was a immature objectification of females. Or you can block him so you never see his posts again.

But I dont think you have the right to demand no one has the right to see his posts. That you get to decide what is wrong and should not be posted.