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The Founding Fathers were men of their time. They were not soothsayers. Despite their near infallible wisdom - as is so generously foisted on them for often all too convenient motives - they could not, and did not, have the ability to predict the outcome of all of their ideals. That's not necessarily a failing on their part; they were merely humans, after all. But, if they are even half as wise as they are credited of being, observing the state of gun culture in American society today, I believe they would offer a very different version of the second amendment and its interpretation. And if we were half as wise as we'd like to think we are, we'd fucking realize that "unalienable rights" with respect to guns are bullshit now. Changing them does not entail the entire destruction of the constitution or the bill of rights. And while those who oppose abolishing RCBA will rend and cry to the heavens, there is no reason for any of us to think any assistance is coming from that direction. It's time to exercise some wisdom of our own, in our own time, and get rid of that which no longer serves us. It seems to me, the wisdom of the FF has allowed for that as well.
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