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I'm curious about this point. In discussions about end of life planning, I've brought up the concern that seniors will be pushed to choose DNR, and have typically been told that that would not be a problem, that the problem is people NOT being allowed to make the choice. Does your father have any kind of end-of-life directive in place, such as one that says that he does want to be revived?

I'm sorry that you're going through all of this and having to deal with such unscrupulous people.
This place very, very much wanted him to have a DNR order. At that point, he did not. On his very first day (night, really) there, as they were trasnsferring him from the ambulette that brought him there to his bed, they started hounding him for the order. And I mean hounding him. My brother and I, who were accompanying him, had to literally throw the supervising nurse, who was doing the hounding, out of the room.

Fucking bitch.

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