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Without meaning to sound like a jerk here, have you been paying attention to the Brexit negotiations at all? Because the main lesson from them is "The UK does not have nearly the bargaining power that it seems to think it does". The idea, especially after failed Brexit negotiations and the bad faith and ill will involved (not to mention the projections of just how insanely damaging it would have been to the UK!), that the UK will be in any position to be giving marching orders to the union just strikes me as batty.
I mean the UK had significant power within the formal institutions of the EU; I think you're perhaps misreading his post. He was saying Britain should have worked more forcefully within the EU to work to correct its defects, and that it had more tools at its disposal to push for change in Brussels.

In the negotiations about the UK's relationship with the EU after it exits the union, the UK does not have "formal powers", it has a bargaining position. When talking about its membership in the EU historically and things done or not done, the UK had a lot of formal powers within the structure of the EU, which do weight a number of decision making processes more heavily to the larger countries (with Britain being one of the larger EU countries.)