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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
My father has been ill and I've been staying with him. Which means I end up watching his TV shows, which are the type of shows old people watch.

And the commercials are disgraceful. At least half of them are designed to scare old people into buying their product. Some of them literally tell old people they will die a painful death if they don't buy their product.
Yep. I mean, those alert things are a good idea -- we got one for my father when he was still in his home -- but a lot of the advertising is simply terrorism.

Our experience with the medical alert system is actually almost comical. It served its purpose a couple of times -- once he fell out of bed, and another time he fell in the bathroom -- but as his dementia progressed, he starting thinking it was the best way to call me. So he'd hit the button when there was no emergency, and the whole response system would kick in. Not good. That's when it became clear that he had fairly advanced dementia. Up until then we thought he was just getting a bit forgetful.