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Its been a long time since I had cat, way before the digital age.

But I had an all-black cat named Herby and he was the King of the House. Very affectionate but he didn't suffer any fools (ie dogs). One day I was letting him out through the garage and there was a beagle-esque dog getting into my garbage. Herby saw the dog, jumped on his back like a lion going after an antelope. The dog took off like a bat of hell and Herby rode him like a rodeo cowboy on a ornery bull. I am positive Herby made it the full 8 seconds before he was thrown off.

I never saw that beagle again.

Herby also like to play fetch with a rolled up piece of paper. But he would not bring the paper completely back to you. He would drop the paper just out of reach so you would have to make effort to get it.

At night he slept on my back as I sleep mostly on my stomach. I miss Herby.
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