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Originally Posted by Ann Hedonia View Post
My 92 year old mother WANTED her DNR. She LOVES that little piece of paper. No pressure getting her to sign it, she repeatedly requested one. She makes sure that itís in full view of all nursing home staff every day. When we take her to the house to spend holidays with us, she brings it with her and places the envelope in a prominent place on the coffee table and makes sure everyone knows about it. We are supposed to give it to the paramedics if she has a medical incident while out of the nursing home.
I screwed up on that once. Had a prisoner die and I gave him CPR until the ambulance arrived. It then turned out he had a DNR on file so I shouldn't have done CPR.

But I was able to beat it because I wasn't part of medical staff (even though I supervised them) so I wasn't supposed to have access to his medical information.