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Originally Posted by penultima thule View Post
Was a marked change after the 2000 Olympics, since then flag waving jingoistic fever became tolerated. But even then it really needed to be a national event rather than inter club or provincial.

Donít know what %Aussie households would own a Aussie flag. Iíd expect low single figures.
At sporting events in England, my personal impression is that Australia fans prefer the Boxing Kangaroo flag to the Australian national flag.

Canadian international athletes seem to be content with a red and white uniform with a subtle maple leaf somewhere, and from what I've noticed, fans seem to follow that convention. I've never noticed any regional display of Canadian provincialism at international sporting events.

Regionalism does occur within UK sport. Actually sports tribalism is huge, such that I'm convinced that a significant portion of tribal followers, at least among football fans, care more about the tribalism than the sport. However, flag waving, beyond England Scotland Wales (I don't think I've ever seen a Northern Ireland sports team), is fairly limited. I think people will wave a flag if it's provided at their seat at a sporting event. People do care about how well their regional team is doing. However, they're unlikely to express that regional support via flag waving. "Go Gloucestershire!" isn't really a thing.